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Save the Date Magnets Make the Best Invitations

Do you have an upcoming special event? Would you like to celebrate your big news with everyone in an economical and stylish manner, with longevity? You have several invitation choices, but which is the best?

Picture this! You found and sent the perfect invitation to your family and friends about your grand day only to find out later, through no fault of their own, they forgot about it? Don’t ignore the idea that people forgetting is likely, especially with all the hustle and bustle that everyone is involved with on a daily basis.

While the allure of traditional save-the-date, oftentimes made of paper, invitations are enticing and fast, have you ever given a thought about what often happens when your invitees receive this form of invite?

Well, it usually gets left on the counter or a tabletop, buried under other mail or advertisements and is likely forgotten. And then, when the event date arrives, those invited may have forgotten and made other plans. The paper invite, when located after the event, will likely get thrown in the trash. For something that you spent time in preparing to provide ample notice, it is certainly upsetting to know that it was not given relevance. One would hope that the invited guests would bring themselves to keep the invites visible.

To help them keep your special date in mind, you can send them an elegant save the date magnet. Save the date magnets are magnetic invitations that guests can simply stick on an appropriate surface — ideally someplace where it can be easily seen — to help them keep track of the vital details of your important event. Whether it’s a baby shower or an anniversary, a birthday or a retirement party, these are memorable events that you want everyone near and dear to you to be around for.

When you send personalized magnet invitations, something totally different happens. Once the save the date magnets arrive, they are recognized as extra special and often admired for the customization. Immediately the magnet is brought to the kitchen and then stuck on the fridge door as a reminder of the forthcoming big event that they are invited to. And even when the event passes, most of the time, it will stay right up on the refrigerator door as a memento of the event.

This is part of the charm of custom magnetic party products. It can stand the test of time compared to lavish and oftentimes, expensive paper invites. A lot of clients have spoken of their utmost surprise upon finding their graduation magnets or wedding magnets still up on the fridges of friends and family members, long after the event was over. Some were actually emotionally moved at how fondly those guests remembered the ceremony, the party and the celebration that followed after.

However, if a paper based invite does get stuck to the fridge, once time passes, the quality erodes. As the days pass by, they get bent and worn out, and then later, it just falls off from the refrigerator and often slips underneath. Believe it; nobody wants to stick their hand under the fridge to retrieve anything. Besides, when you stick a paper invite on the fridge, it usually gets covered up by bills, postcards and all other notices so it just gets lost in the clutter.

A magnetic invite, on the other hand, can be savored for much longer. Rather than the recipient just chucking the invite not long after getting the information off of it, the guest can place it magnetically for others to see. It's safe to say, the kitchen is one of the most hallowed areas of your home and the fridge has become not just a place to store food but also a board to keep notable things on like wedding invitations, communion magnets or even reunion invitations. So if your personalized magnet invite somehow makes it up, that is one impressive feat.

Having a personalized save the date magnetic invite made is also the perfect chance to showcase a favorite photo. Whether it’s from a vogue engagement shoot or just one of your many cherished photographs, you can use this and combine it with various themes to create a one-of-a-kind invite.

If you choose not to use a personal image that’s perfectly fine. There are other stylish options that you can go with that will still convey the magnitude of the event that you want to invite a person to.

If you are interested in getting customized save the date invites for your event, we have a wide range of designs that you can choose from, all in our online gallery. Don’t settle for humdrum invites! Make them as unforgettable as the event you want them to attend and they will surely be talking about it every time somebody notices the magnetic invite on your fridge.


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